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Dive into a world where reading meets fun, powered by next-generation AI. Transform how your child interacts with words and watch their potential soar. Experience the magic of gamified learning, perfectly aligned with the UK curriculum.


About Readrly

Introducing Readrly, where technology meets passion for reading. Crafted meticulously by a collaborative team of engineers, parents, and educators, Readrly is an AI-powered gamified reading app that aligns seamlessly with the UK curriculum. Our focus is to ensure that children in primary school not only meet, but surpass their reading objectives. Dive into a world where reading becomes an adventure, helping every young reader soar to new heights.



Interactive Stories

Enter into enchanting tales that respond to your reading style.

Aligned with UK Curriculum

Tailored tasks to ensure harmonized learning outcomes.

Personal AI Mentor

Meet 'Luna', your personalized guide on this reading adventure!

Rewards & Achievements

Collect badges, unlock levels, and celebrate every reading milestone.

For Parents & Teachers

Detailed insights to track and support your child's reading journey.

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Experience Readrly's magic firsthand. Schools, educators, and parents are invited to book a demo and see why it's set to revolutionize primary education.

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Interactive stories
Step into magical tales that shift with your child's reading choices. Let them explore, decide, and craft their own story endings. Interactive reading made fun and imaginative.
Aligned with the uk curriculum
Tailored for your child: tasks meticulously crafted to align with the UK curriculum, ensuring a harmonized and impactful learning journey. Explore more with Readrly.
Personal AI mentor
Meet Luna, your child's AI buddy on their reading quest. Offering tailored tips, feedback, and encouragement to make every story come alive. Let your child's imagination soar with Luna!
Rewards and achievement
Collect distinctive badges as you read. Progress through levels, marking each milestone. Celebrate every reading achievement with Readrly. Dive into a rewarding literary journey now!
For parents and teachers
Discover in-depth analytics on your child's reading progress. Equip yourself with tools to guide and enhance their literary journey. Empower learning with actionable feedback.